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Stahovica–Kamniška Bistrica–Kriška planina pod Krvavec

Starting point: Stahovica (46.265541, 14.603308)

Destination: Kriška planina (46.294322, 14.536405)

Distance: 22 km

Walking time: 7 h

Ascent: 1430 m

Descent: 350 m

The Koželjeva pot beckons our step already in Stahovica, but we prefer to follow the road so that we can feel the freshness of the mountains in the taste of the spring water at the Konjske potok (by the shooting range) and at the trough by the road. We join the picturesque Koželje route in front of the cable car to Velika planina.

The Predaselj gorge impresses with a taste of wilderness and the green depth of the river. Take a deep breath and take a refreshing sip at the Little Spring, where the mysterious spring snails testify to the long-lasting quality of the water.

The springs of Kamniška Bistrica and the Royal springs reward us with royal sensations. While walking towards Kriška planina, we find refreshment at three springs: above Gradišče, Korošica and Za vrata.

Kriška planina–Strmol castle–Olševek–Preddvor

Starting point: Kriška planina (46.294322, 14.536405)

Destination: Preddvor, Črnava (46.302484, 14.427428)

Distance: 21.7 km

Walking time: 6.5 h

Ascent: 187 m

Descent: 1,223 m

When we descend from Kriška planina to Ambrož pod Krvavec, the heart plays with the views of Avsenik's beautiful Gorenjska.

Spring near the church of St. Ambroža, who encouraged the settlement and development of the mighty farm, pleasantly refreshes us. The mountain path over Šenturška gora leads into the valley to the spring of Pšata, where underground waters from under Krvavec come to the surface.

Under the slopes of Castle Hill, we cross the river Reka and approach the Strmol Castle, which is one of the state protocol buildings. The taste of the exceptional spring water from the bank above the lake convinces us to drink it for the onward journey. Passing the Česnjevek pond and attractions in Adergas, the road through Olševek leads us to Preddvor.

Preddvor–Kokra–Suhadolnik farm

Starting point: Preddvor, Črnava (46.302484, 14.427428)

Destination: parking lot under Suhadolnik farm (46.335398, 14.510138)

Distance: 12.2 km

Walking time: 4 h

Ascent: 662 m

Descent: 261 m

Lake Črnava invites you to Preddvor with the reflection of the mountains, from where we can walk to Turn Castle with the hope of poetic inspiration. The desire for spring water takes us through the village of Potoče and the forest and on to the road to Jezerska, we follow it towards the course of the Kokra river, but soon we turn to the church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in the village of Kokra.

Let's join the old freight route that used to connect Preddvor with Jezerski. Follow the marked path to the parking lot below the Suhadolnik farm. Here is the starting point for the mountain trail to the Kokrška saddle. This is followed by a refreshing sip of water from the Suhadolnik stream and a rest at a nearby farm.

Suhadolnik-Jezersko farm

Starting point: parking lot under Suhadolnik farm (46.335398, 14.510138)

Destination: Zgornje Jezersko (46.393436, 14.499685)

Distance: 15.8 km

Walking time: 5 h

Ascent: 1,033 m

Descent: 1,054 m

We start the stage at the parking lot below the Suhadolnik farm. At the former blacksmith's shop, we capture high-quality drinking water in the Suhadolnikov stream and wave it forward over Povšnarjevo planina.

The forest road leads into the valley via the viewpoint below Mali vrh. The descent to the abandoned Zavratnik farm takes us back to the time when the spring made the farm possible. The small spring snails in the upstream part of the stream testify to the long-term clean underground water.

From the farm, we climb up to the viewpoint under Mali vrh. Surrounded by beautiful views, we descend to Makekova Kočna and on the way to the destination in the mountain village of Jezersko, we regret the fate of the once highest Slovenian waterfall Čedac.

Jezersko–Murijev izvir–Solčavska panoramic road

Starting point: Zgornje Jezersko (46.393436, 14.499685)

Destination: Solčava panoramic road (Perk farm) (46.415352, 14.601610)

Distance: 22 km

Walking time: 7 h

Ascent: 1,014 m

Descent: 674 m

In Jezerski, water is already in the name, in the snow, streams, lake and stories that we get to know along the trails. We head towards the Jezernica stream. We can take a peek at the Planšar Lake, but we can pass it by the basin with Jezerska Slatina, of course not without at least one sip of this exceptional mineral water.

From Anko's farm we climb to Jezerski vrh and beyond to the desired springs; a trough with water from the Štajner spring awaits us by the road, and nine serpentines lower down the Muri spring of mineral water. During the climb above Belska Kočna, we caress the mountain range with a view and quench our thirst with clear water from the Virnik spring. On the Slovenian side of Pavličev sedlo, we descend to one of the farms along the Solčava panoramic road.

Solčavska panoramic road–Logarska dolina–Slap Rinka–Okrešelj

Starting point: Solčava panoramic road (Perk tourist farm) (46.415352, 14.601610)

Destination: Logarska dolina, Frischauf's home in Okrešlja (46.369570, 14.587618)

Distance: 16.6 km

Walking time: 5.5 h

Ascent: 687 m

Descent: 522 m

The Solčava panoramic road with beautiful views of the Alpine peaks and valleys takes us from the Perk farm down towards the Matkov kot valley. It winds along the sunny slope past the Matk farm, after which the valley got its name, and from the source of the Jezera by the stream brings us to the Logar Valley.

We walk along the road past Logarjeva lipa and the farm to the Logar Valley Path. We are by the water again. The source of Črna impresses with its pristine image and energy come on. A soft forest path softens the steps to the "Olcar" hut, the Palenk waterfall and the Oglar cottage. The stone bed of Kotovac directs us to the Rinka waterfall and further along the mountain path past the Savinja spring to Okrešelj.

Okrešelj–Logarska dolina–Solčavska panoramic road–Podolševa hamlet

Starting point: Logarska dolina, Frischauf's home in Okrešlje (46.369570, 14.587618)

Destination: Podolševa (St. Duha Church) (46.435528, 14.659476)

Distance: 15.9 km

Walking time: 5 h

Ascent: 585 m

Descent: 736 m

During the descent from Okrešlje, we refill our supplies of clean spring water at the Savinje spring. The attractive Logar Valley inspires and refreshes even with the spray of water drops from the Rinka, Palenk and Rastovški skok waterfalls. Tod farms have been shaping the landscape of the valley for centuries. The distinctive chapel of Christ the King has also become part of its identity.

From the confluence of Črna and Jezere, we follow the steep forest road to the Solčava panoramic road. On the property of the Klemenšek farm, we have refreshments by the trough, on the farm or by the spring of sour water. From the scenic road, we can observe the inspiring mountains, forests, Potočka zialka and the idyllic image of the church of St. Duha, where our stage goal is.

Podolševa (Church of the Holy Spirit)–Solčava–Igla–Luče

Starting point: Podolševa village (St. Duha church) (46.435528, 14.659476)

Destination: Lights (46.356413, 14.743139)

Distance: 18.6 km

Walking time: 6 h

Ascent: 98 m

Descent: 821 m

From the Church of the Holy Spirit, we pass the Macesnik farm, which is famous for its rich heritage of water-powered devices, and descend to Solčava along the Jurčefu stream. In the Rinka Center, we brainstorm ideas for future research. We follow the Savinja river to Igla along the main road, and in the meantime, upon entering Robanov, we quench our thirst with a spring at a former limestone quarry.

At Igla, we cross Savinja on a suspended footbridge and follow the forest path along the river to Trbiška zialka and Pečovske studenci. We continue along the left bank, over the steps carved into the rock, to the bridge and beyond, further along the river embankment past the camp, through the ethnic village, to the mountain village of Luče. We follow the Savinja River to its confluence with the Lučnica.

Luče–Podveža–Repov slap–Podvolovljek

Starting point: Luče (46.356413, 14.743139)

Destination: Podvolovljek (Mlinar) (46.302045, 14.693477)

Distance: 11.1 km

Walking time: 4 h

Ascent: 452 m

Descent: 315 m

At the drinking fountain in front of TIC Luče, we stock up on water for later thirst, although after a few minutes of walking, we can also taste water from the Jakov izvar. We follow the forest path to Juvanovo Pustota, and further on the road and bicycle path, which takes us past the farms in Podveža to Podvolovljek. We head right along the valley road towards the course of the Lučnica river.

Although we are tempted by walks to Zvepleni izvir, the Cuc waterfall and the springs, and other attractions in the Lučka bela valley, we would rather save them for some other special day.

Let's take a walk to Repovo slap and Žagerski mlin and along the road past the church of St. Anton Puščavnik to the snack bar or accommodation.

Podvolovljek–Marjanine njive–Krivčevo–Gozd–Brezje–Stahovica

Starting point: Podvolovljek (Mlinar) (46.302045, 14.693477)

Destination: Stahovica (46.265541, 14.603308)

Distance: 16.8 km

Walking time: 5 h

Ascent: 817 m

Descent: 1039 m

In Podvolovljek, past the Selišnik farm, we climb up the marked mountain trail to the pasture plain of Marjanine njiva. We will visit the Velika Planina next time, but this time the winding path leads us to the road and the Kranjski rak pass.

We go down the steep road towards the valley, but the debris of the spring water lures us to the right past the Šušnik homestead to the spring in Kajžarské Šunac.

We arrive in Krivčeva by the Volovljeku stream. From the hamlet of Žaga, we climb up the road and forest path to the hamlet of Gozd with the church of St. Anne. This is followed by a walk through Brezje to Stahovice, where we finish the tenth stage of the Kamnik-Savinjske Alp Water Route.

Ljubno ob Savinja–Savina–Krnica– Luče

Starting point: Ljubno, spring in Vrbje (46.343718, 14.831540)

Destination: Lights (46.356413, 14.743139)

Distance: 15.4 km

Walking time: 5 h

Ascent: 562 m

Descent: 456 m

In Ljubno, every year in August, the Flosar Ball is held at the venue by the Savinja. There, in Vrbje, we refresh ourselves with spring water before crossing the river Savinja on a suspended footbridge.

Below the ski jumps, the road invites us to the right through Savina, towards the Trbiške graben, to a trough with drinking water. We go down to Savinja by the stream and follow the road that winds up the hill past the farms.

We look back at the valley and along the slopes of Komno and Tirski Peči, and the view is directed more and more often over rounded pastures with flocks of sheep to the Alpine peaks. After crossing the Rogačnik stream, we continue along the road past farms in Krnica to Lučnica and the famous mountain village of Luče.

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