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Jezersko cycling route takes you along the incredible views of our beautiful mountain valley. While cycling the views on the Kamnik - Savinja Alps open up, higher on the Karawanks Alps and even the Julian Alps.

The cycling routes takes you along some natural and cultural attractions of Jezersko, such as; tufa spring, the spring of mineral water "Jezerska slatina", Planšar lake, the church of St. Andreja, and Šenk's homestead...

Jezersko cycling route is part of the Karawanks cycling loop.

Total length of all routes: 61.5 km
Altitude difference: 1768 m (ascent)
Altitude difference: 1751 m (descent)


Zgornje Jezersko–Makekova Kočna–viewpoint Mali vrhom–viewpoint at the end of route–viewpoint Mali vrh–Makekova kočna–Zgornje Jezersko

First, orient yourselves on the panoramic board in the sandy parking lot, near the tourist information centre (TIC), as the route will lead to a lesser-known and quiet area of Jezersko. An asphalt road leads across a neat wooden bridge towards Makekova Kočna and ends at the turnoff for Makekova domačija (homestead). Continue straight, following a forest road with a gentle climb. The view reaches beyond the valley, towards the mountains of Virnikov Grintovec, Komatevra, Stegovnik and Storžič, in the background the peaks of Košuta adorn the horizon. Stop for a moment at a lookout point below Mali vrh (note: the nice lookout point is just above the sharp left turn, after some 4km of driving), and then, at your own pace, continue and enjoy the forest and views along the road, evenly without any special climbs. The end of the forest road is also the end of the path, where you can rest on a bench with a view of the Kokra valley and Mt. Jezerska kočna. Return to the starting point along the same route.

An idyllic, less demanding tour that runs along a forest road with unforgettable views.

Distance: 17.3 km
Altitude: 596 m (vzpon)
Duration: 3,10 h

GPX track: https://out.ac/3vGOWK


Zgornje Jezersko–Planšarsko lake–Ravenska Kočna valley–"Štularjeva planina" mountain pasture–Ravenska Kočna valley–Planšarsko lake­–Zgornje Jezersko

The path from in front of the tourist information centre initially leads to the Lake Planšarsko jezero, which you bypass on the right. At the entrance to the Ravenska Kočna valley (next to the Pod Turni hunting lodge), there is a parking barrier, with a free passage for cyclists. At the tourist farm Ancel, the asphalt road turns into a gravel road, which you follow past the rest stop on the themed walking trail along the Ravenska Kočna valley and the final parking lot for personal vehicles all the way to the lower station of the cargo cableway for the Češka koča mountain hut. There you turn right and enjoy some two kilometres of climbing. At the mountain pasture Štularjeva planina, take your time and admire the views of the valley's slopes, towards Mt. Skuta and other peaks all the way to Goli vrh. When descending on the same trail, consider hikers, who are also using individual sections of the trail. Lake Planšarsko jezero is interesting in all seasons, so on the way back take your time and stop on its shore.

Sightseeing tour past the Lake Planšarsko jezero with wonderful views over the Ravenska Kočna valley.

Distance: 16,6 km
Altitude: 408 m (ascent)
Duration:  2,15 h

GPX track: https://out.ac/3vGOX4


Zgornje Jezersko– mineral water spring "Jezerska slatina"–  mountain pass "Jezerski vrh"–Ankova planina "mountain pasture"– "Jezerski vrh"mountain pass –  St. Andrew's Church– Šenk homestead– Planšarsko lake                  – Zgornje Jezersko

At first, you share the road with road cyclists, who are on a mission to conquer the Jezerski vrh pass, but your goal is even further. Before the ascent, take notice of the valley’s mineral water spring the Jezerska slatina. You can stop and drink this healing water with high magnesium content, but beware, the recommended daily amount is no more than 2 dcl, so we suggest you drink the water on your way home. On the way to Jezerski vrh, you can stop for a rest at a viewpoint with a panoramic board. When you reach the former border crossing, turn left between the Slovenian and Austrian border facilities and prepare for a short and steep climb. You are soon rewarded with a magnificent view of the Ravenska Kočna valley and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Just a little further, you can already look at the entire Jezersko valley and peaks of Veliki vrh, Kozji vrh and Storžič. Such views just call for a longer break. Continue your journey along a gentler road to Ankova planina, and stop at a former military barrack. Return along the same route, but we suggest that you stop at the church of St. Andrej and the nearby tourist farm Šenkova domačija.

Another scenic Jezersko tour, even for the most demanding view seekers.

Distance: 18,2 km
Altitude: 457 m (ascent)
Duration:  3,30 h

GPX track: https://out.ac/3vGOXv


Zgornje Jezersko – Spodnji Kraj – Travertine quary – Sp. Virnik – Zgornje Jezersko

This trip starts by going down the main road to the first turnoff in Spodnji Kraj, where you turn right towards the upper Kokra valley. As you cycle through the valley, the view of Mt. Virnikov Grintovec opens up to your right. Continue straight along the asphalt road and after the first climb you will reach the travertine deposits, which are a unique feature of this area. Ccontinue straight and while driving you can observe the travertine-forming spring. After a good kilometre you come to a junction and turn right. After crossing the stream, the path shortly climbs steeply to Smrečje, where you quietly follow the path passing the holiday houses. You soon reach the pasture under Golobja peč, and then carefully, so as not to frighten the grazing animals, you descend to the organic farm Spodnji Virnik, where once again you meet the captivating Grintovci mountains. We suggest leaving your bike at the farm and going on foot to the travertine-forming spring, only a few minutes away. It is a special natural sight, where rock is formed practically before our eyes, as the water has a high content of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which is already produced at the source and forms travertine. We recommend that you bring a backpack with you, as the Spodnji Virnik organic farm always offers excellent dairy products, from cheeses, yogurts to cottage cheese. From the farm, go down the gravel road to the valley and return to the starting point along the main road.

Shorter and with the exception of one climb, which you can also traverse, a very informative cycling trip.

Distance: 9,4 km
Altitude: 304 m (ascent)
Duration:  1,3 h

GPX track: https://out.ac/3vGOaZ

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