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Via ferata

Via ferrata is a climbing route protected by a steel rope. Via ferrata Češka hut is the first Slovenian sporting iron road. It takes place between the already existing routes and the cables of a freight car, so it protects the authenticity and richness of the valley Ravenska Kočna. You can climb ferrata, only by using climbing belt, self-belay sistem, helmet and hiking boots.

We recommend that your first ascent on such a route is done in the company of a climber, mountain rescuer, or someone who has relevant experience.


From the car park at the "pod Turni"  walk along the theme path to the car park in the Ravenska kocha valley. From the car park follow the signpost pointing ahead along the road to the freight cableway.
From the marked turn-off for Slovenska pot and Zrelo, the path leads through the forest and, after a few minutes, on to an area of scree beneath the Ceska koca mountain hut. Continue through the first belt of scrub then keep an eye out for the marker on a rock (ferata Ceska koca) which points to the right and upwards on scree to the start of the via ferrata. This is the lowest and most dif ficult path of the climb. Proceed upwards along the lower part of the via fer-rata (strenuous vertical climbing, Class E), then walk through an area of scrub before continuing the upper part of the via ferrata. The start of the upper part has a further short difficult section (Class D) - if, however, you assess it to be too difficult for your ability and you do not have adequate safety equipment and experience, do not attempt to climb past the wall as it is exposed and there is loose rock. Therefore, instead follow the marked trail back to the start point. It, however, you continue on the via ferrata, after the initial difficult sec tion, it is just a short, pleasurable climb to reach the visitors' book and exit point. From here, ascend a steep meadow to the mountain trail a couple of hundred metres in front of the Ceska koca hut. To descend use one of the mountain trails that leads from the hut back down to the valley.
(Source: Jezerska planinska pot / Jezersko mountain trail. Guide and Diary. PD Jezersko, Jezersko, 2018)

GPX: Pot

Parking: Ravenska Kočna, pod Turni
Via ferrata altitude difference is 300 m.
The length of the cable is 320 m.
For the ascent you need 90 minutes, to descend down the mountain trail it takes 60 minutes.
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