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12. Apr

temperature: 7°C
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Šenk's homestead

Zgornje Jezersko 140, 4206 Zgornje Jezersko

TEL: +386 (0)41 467 008
E- MAIL: info@senkovadomacija.si

Šenk’s homestead is considered the only homestead in the area where original buildings and architectural style have been preserved. It is located in the vicinity of St. Andrew’s church in the hamlet of Ravno, next to the lake Planšarsko jezero. The farm lies in a beautiful environment of the glacier valley with direct views of the mountains. There is a campsite for camping. Available is the tour of 500 years old farm.

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Tourist farm Ancel

Zgornje Jezersko 151, 4206 Zgornje Jezersko

TEL: +386 (0)4 254 11 46
GSM: +386 (0)41 589 194
E- MAIL: info@ancel-muri.net

The tourist farm Ancel is located in an amazingly tranquil spot just under the walls of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, few kilometers away from the main road. The farm offers five double rooms with marvelous views of the mountains, and various selection of organically grown and homemade food. Because of the absence of busier roads and the possibility to spend time in nature and observe many of the farm animals, Ancel is a great choice for families with children.

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Tourist farm Olipje

Zg. Jezersko 11 a, 4206 Zgornje Jezersko

TEL: +386 (0)8 200 80 25
GSM: +386 (0)41 754 595
E- MAIL: kmetija.olipje@gmail.com

The tourist Farm Olipje is situated in the peaceful valley in Spodnje Jezersko. Olipje offers six rooms and two apartments, as well as an outdoor pool for refreshment. It is a great starting point for several hikes to nearby hills.

Tourist farm Kočna

Zg. Jezersko 166 , 4206 Zgornje Jezersko

TEL: +386 (0)8 200 80 25
GSM: +386 (0)41 754 595
E- MAIL: kmetija.olipje@gmail.com

In Kočna there are 55 seating places. They offer pizzas and salads, which consist of products and crops grown on their own farms, they also offer cold cuts, štruklji, and homemade cooked sausages. There are 6 rooms (3 double rooms and 3 family rooms with one double bed and 3 single beds). All rooms have a private bathroom and are equipped with TVs.

Organic farm Kovk

Spodnje Jezersko 14, Zgornje Jezersko 4206

GSM: +386 (0)31 40 11 40
E- MAIL: kovk@siol.net


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