TIC Jezersko
+386 (0)51 219 282
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TIC Jezersko
TEL: +386 51 219 282
E-MAIL: tic@jezersko.si

On Jezersko . . .

  • we always greet when we meet someone,
  • we always collect and separate waste,
  • we never pick wildflowers,
  • we always keep our dogs on leashes and pick up their poop,
  • we love and appreciate peace and quiet,
  • we always use the official trails and roads,
  • we always park in marked parking lots,
  • we never disturb or feed (wild) animals,
  • we never make a fire in the forest,
  • we pick wild fruits only in reasonable amounts and by following the rules/guidelines,
  • we camp or stay overnight only within the designated areas,
  • we buy products from local producers.

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