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12. Apr

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Traditional events


It is our identity that we maintain and want to share with you. We have prepared a variety of summer events which present an important link between the past and the present. The events are interesting and suitable for anyone who would like to know more about our history, ethnological heritage, nature, majestic mountains, farms, animals and local cuisine.

You are kindly invited to attend the summer events in Jezersko - join Jezerska štorija 2020!

All events are free of charge. For more information contact us on gsm: +386 51 219 282 or mail: tic@jezersko.si
We kindly invite you to pre-register to all events in advance. 

Guided tour of Jezersko’ s natural and cultural attractions
Every TUESDAY at 10 am in front of the TIC office
(7.7., 14.7., 21.7, 28.7., 4.8., 11.8., 18.8., 25.8.)

We take a walk along the picturesque Jezersko valley and learn more about the area and its attractions.
The path first leads us along the Jezernica creek and past the spring of the healing mineral water which we try straight out of our hands. From here we can already see the church of St. Andrew, which was built on a special location. We go past the church and head towards the century-old Šenk’s homestead, where they specialize in sustainable agritourism. We also visit the building next door which is from the 16th century and hosts the Ethnographic Museum Jenk’s barracks. We make a long panoramic bow and we return past the Planšar lake back to the village center. We are happy to change the trip according to your wishes and together we can also visit other sights of Jezersko valley.

Cooking »masunjek« on an open fire
Every WEDNESDAY at 5pm at Lake Planšar
(1.7., 8.7., 15.7., 22.7., 29.7., 5.8., 12.8., 18.8., 26.8.)

In the lodge by Lake Planšar we will show you how shepherds in the mountains used to prepare »masunjek«, a dish from cream and buckwheat flour. We will be happy to let you cook, so that in the end you will eat the »masunjek« with even greater respect and enjoyment.

Please, pre-register at least 2 hours before the event at TIC Jezersko office (gsm: +386 51 219 282). The event is carried out for minimum 5 people.

Demonstration of the wool processing
Every THURSDAY at 4 pm on Šenk’s homestead
(2.7., 9.7., 16.7., 23.7., 30.7., 6.8., 13.8., 20.8., 27.8.)

The wool of the native Jezersko-Solčava sheep breed is of high quality and suitable for processing into various products. During the winter, the spinning wheel used to spin and the knitting needles used to dance on the farms. The skilful fingers of the ladies created different products; from socks and sweaters to blankets and small decorative items. On Šenk’s homestead we will show you the almost lost and forgotten tradition and with the help of the local masters, you will be able to become part of it yourself.

Play "Jezerska štorija” in Jenk’s barracks/Županov kot**
Every FRIDAY* at 8 pm 
(*10.7., 24.7., 31.7., 7.8., 14.8.)

In the 500-year-old Jenk’s barracks, which hosts the museum, you will follow 3 stories from the life of the local men from many years ago. Actors, who are members of the local amateur cast, happily turn into shepherds, horse and cart drivers and other people from our history to show the audience the past life in an authentic dialect of Jezersko. The stories were collected and written by Andrej Karničar in the book Jezerske štorije (Stories of Jezersko).

Please, pre-register for the event at TIC Jezersko (gsm: +386 51 219 282).
** In case of good weather conditions, the event is held outdoors, at Županov kot. I case of bad weather conditions, the event is held at Jenk's barracks, but we will take measures according to RS and list all visitors (name and contact info). Wearing a mask is required. 

Guided tour to Češka Koča hut
Every SATURDAY at 8 am in front of TIC office
(4.7., 11.7., 18.7., 25.7., 1.8., 8.8., 15.8., 22.8., 29.8.)

A local mountain guide will accompany you along 1-hour hike to Češka Koča, a very well preserved and visited mountain lodge which was built in 1900 (120 years ago) under the auspices of Czech branch of the mountaineering association from Prague. The hut that stands proudly under the northern walls of Mt. Grintovec, is one of the oldest mountain lodge still preserving its original architectural style.

Please pre-register for the event at TIC office (gsm: +386 51 219 282)

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